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“SAIDIA Beach & Golf Resort” Mediterranean sea

The Moroccan Government has a long term tourism "mission statement" called Vision 2010 that aims to attract 10 million visitors per year by 
2010 and there is also Vision 2020 and even 2030. The goals are already being achieved with 8 million visitors recorded in 2008 following 7.4
million in 2007.

The main part of the project - the "Plan Azur" is 6 next generation tourist and residential resorts. These are all new luxury reference
points on the Med/Atlantic coast based around enormous marinas, emulating the similar success stories in Portugal (Vilamoura, Quinta Do
Lago), Spain (Puerte Banus, La Manga Golf & Beach) and France (Cote D'Azur).

Fast forward 3 or 4 years:

You will find in holiday brochures an array of super luxury Moroccan resorts with facilities way beyond anything found in Spain/Portugal etc.
This array of specialised, up market resorts will set the tone for Morocco as something a lot more exclusive.

The Saidia development is in the north eastern part of Morocco, close to Oujda airport. This is the only government backed Plan Azur project
on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco and is located by a picturesque Moroccan village. With traditional low rise architecture,
6 km of seafront, a 1,350-berth marina, three 18-hole golf courses and 11 luxury hotels it is an amazing place for a lifestyle investment.
Business and shopping areas at the marina include a market place where local Moroccans and top international brands will have shops,
bars, restaurants, shopping centre, spa, fitness clubs, water park, business auditorium and a medical centre.

How are the plan AZUR PROJECTS different?

The scale needs to be understood. If we take a Spanish so called mega resort like La Manga we find 20 shops where as Morocco's Saidia
has 500 (all in one development). LM has a tiny beach, Saidia has a 6km beach. LM has no marina, Saidia has a 1,350 berth new modern 
marina. LM has a small gym and a few tennis courts where as Saidia has immense sports facilities including a football park, Olympic pools,
bowling alleys, polo pitch. These facilities are what have attracted many global tour operators and hotel companies to invest here.

There is a large market for such resorts and Morocco will provide this need on a far grander scale than anywhere else this close
to northern Europe. Morocco is as close as Spain - many people miss the significance of this.

Northern Europe:

The market for property and tourism in Morocco is growing way beyond its traditional base of France and this is no fluke.
The Government are investing millions in advertising campaigns to attract the affluent northern European tourist/investor.
The success of this can been seen in the dramatic increases in tourism numbers and contribution of this sector to overall GDP.

In summary:

  • As a company, we have backed the 5 star Saidia project because it has good building controls including strict density and height limitations.
  • The season will be all year round in view of the unprecedented facilities.
  • It's proximity to northern Europe means it ticks more boxes than any other emerging market.
  • The economy is very stable and predicted to grow 5.5% on average in the next 5 years.
  • In conclusion it offers a unique lifestyle/end user experience and we are sure the investment case is robust.

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