"Every city deserves inhabitants with dreams and with passion, who will work diligently to improve the life of its people. The Warsaw Destination Alliance is exactly this, a collection of great people, great companies and organizations that strive to grow the Tourism Industry, and make it a catalyst for the creation of new jobs, make it bring in more visitors and help the economic development of the City of Warsaw"

Warsaw Destination Alliance was formed and developed as a non profit foundation by a group of leading international hotels in Warsaw. The idea was to bring together institutions taking an active part in the process of creating the Warsaw brand. The group is a voluntary association. In addition to hotels, members include associated businesses such as major travel carriers, food and beverage companies, car rental firms etc. The group's goal is to develop Warsaw as a preferred destination for business and leisure tourism as well as a perfect location for conferences and meetings.

What we do

  • Work on ways to build the image of Warsaw as an attractive destination for both business and tourism.
  • Lead promotional events (cultural, social, charitable etc.) and actions related to building the brand name of Warsaw, such as lobbying and managing relations with shareholders.
  • Organize advertising campaigns for international visual mass media, aiming to change the image of Warsaw amongst foreigners.
  • Cooperate with The City of Warsaw creating mutual support in promoting Warsaw.


  • Improve the image of Warsaw throughout the world
  • Promote financial investment in tourism by the government  
  • Develop a partnership between the public and private sectors 
  • Maintain the growth of WDA 
  • Expand beyond Warsaw and chapter cities to become Destination Poland 
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns in international media


To promote Warsaw as a destination of choice through a collective effort.


To be the leader in marketing and facilitating the highest quality tourism in Warsaw.