Justycja is a unique legal translation and interpreting service dedicated to Central & Eastern European languages and tailored specifically to the perplex realm of law. 


The raison d'être of Justycja is to address the growing demand for a reliable, professional and prompt legal interpreting and translation to and from Central and Eastern European languages in the UK.  
We provide our service both to those who seek justice and those who execute it, whether individual clients, public and private bodies or their clients. We save our clients time, stress and money by removing language and cultural barriers. 
Justycja is dedicated entirely to English and Central & Eastern European languages, distinguishing it from firms which offer all languages, but generally compromise on the quality of their services. Furthermore, we focus on the legal context of the service in order to account for systemic differences in law between United Kingdom and Central & Eastern Europe.  
Believing in our opportunity to make a real difference, we have developed a flexible model tailored to the needs of the local community. We place particular emphasis on the excellence of our service, namely the accuracy, confidentiality and impartiality of all our employees.  With a comprehensive database of exceptional linguists with a broad range of diverse skills, Justycja is dedicated to the professional service provision at all times.