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Intraday Unusual Volume

Medical Travel


Ladies and Gentlemen


We would like to invite you to use our extensive medical travel services .

As many of you know this already that large group of Top specialist from Surgery, Gyneacology,Plastic surgery ,Aestethic Dermatology, Dentistry, Laser Eye Surgery, Phlebology and Rehabilitation are base in Central and Eastern Europe .


We recommend Poland , which became the leading country since the past five years for excellent plastic correction services .

Very reliable top qualify staff takes care of you in every small detail . The end results in many cases is beyond imagination .

Satisfaction and thankfulness of patient is enormous . Whats is very important is the prices for the services .

By far a lot of  cheaper than in other parts of Europe or USA ,yet not compromising an inch from top quality and guarantee satisfaction .   


Top facilities ,top latest World class equipment are part of the package that you will be offer . Services from breast correction , enlargements , nose , face lifting  ,body slim down , laser . liposuction ,botox ,dental cosmetic surgery  are just few from impressive list of possibilities .


We can arrange everything from the moment you arrive in Poland . All communication with top chosen by us clinics and specialists will be done by our staff .

Your stay will be fully planed with detail itinerary .


If you think of making changes to your body in order to create your new healthy , young image do not hesitate to contact us straight away .

We shall help you in every way giving you 5 Star Gold service .      


Yours sincerely